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I totalled my car a on New Year's Eve. 

No, I wasn't drinking.   I was on my way home from work. 

A known meth addict cut me off, she'd been rear ended before because her car had a giant rusty dented back end.  She had no break lights, no signal and was a dead stop in the middle of a highway when I hit her. 

It's still my fault. 

Ugh.  Oh well, that's what insurance is for I guess.

While I don't think it was a bad accident, my car is totalled because the airbags went off.  It hit her at 45 miles per hour, so I guess it wasn't a little accident. 

Needless to say, I'm without a car at the moment. 

I have rental coverage, but as our only rental car provider here south of nowhere has a wait for cars to rent I've been getting to drive my dad's 1968 Mustang.

He's been driving it too, letting me borrow his truck.  He's such a great dad.  I'm so lucky and blessed to have him.

The point of the post is to tell you about driving an antique muscle car. 

I have this friend Ben.  He has an 1960 something Dodge Charger that he's completely redone.  He calls it the 'panty dropper'. 

I totally don't get this.  He tries to show it off to me and other women and when he's talking about it somewhere after he opens the hood my eyes glaze over and I tune him out and start nodding and acting as if I'm listening. 

As a woman, it's just an old car he constantly drops money on.  I don't get it.  I don't think as many women care about this as he thinks.  Lots of guys think it's amazing.  Every guy he brings over to his house ends up getting under the hood with him and drueling all over it.  Not so much women.

The few days I've been driving the Mustang have been strange. 

I took it to workout at the gym this weekend.

I don't tend to notice people when I'm at the gym, I pop my earbuds in and I bust ass.  However, this weekend, both days I was flagged down into talking to two different guys. 

When I got done working out and headed to the car, there were three guys standing there checking it out, and then me. 

When I took it to fill up at the gas station, two separate guys approached me wanting to talk about it. 

When I took it to the car wash and washed it--there were about 10 guys watching me.  No kidding. 

These things aren't 'panty droppers' they are freaking hot guy magnets. 


I don't care that the guys have it wrong and they think these things attract women.  Let them forever think this as far as I'm concerned.  Women tend to respond to shiny new cars, preferably luxury convertibles for me but that can stay our little secret.

The moral of the story girls...if you're looking for a way to meet guys--get yourself a muscle car.  Rent it, borrow it, buy it if you have unlimited funds to drop into it because it will constantly need work, but GET one and you'll never need online dating again.

I am personally not dating at this time.  I'm not ready.  I need a break but when I am ready I plan on borrowing this thing again from my dad. 

Plus it's really, really fun to drive. 

It is so loud.  It takes a solid ten minutes after starting it before you can go anywhere.  I guess people back then just had to factor that into their schedules.  You have to warm up the engine for what seems like forever before you can put it in gear. 

It was made before things like power steering, anti-lock brakes, heat, electric windows and locks but it is so worth the time it takes to learn how to drive.  Trust me. 

You're welcome:) 

Happy hunting single friends.




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