Imagine dragons dropped this new track like eight hours ago and I'm so in love.  It's like rappy and hardish and catchy and so very perfect.  It has to go on your workout playlist like immediately, trust me. 

I swear it's like they reached right into head and pulled it out and then made it completely rock.  


It's so new it's not even on my super reliable napster, that almost never happens.  Thank God for altnation I don't think I could've lived without this in my life, i'm even kinda pissed it slipped past me for eight hours. 

I'm obsessed with music, always have been.  It's a language that the more you learn about the more there is to learn about it.  I love the instrumentation of things, the words are poetry of course and that has a lot to do with it but it's really that I am so in awe of the minds that create the layers in music.  So many things all working at the same time to make something so pure and completely unique.  I can only imagine that it's Gods way of manifesting himself here, shining through these people to inspire others.  That's what it does for me.

A good song like this one gets right inside me and bounces around until my whole body and mind are awake, aware and happy. 

Makes me a believer! 

It's when I shut down, when I stop doing the things I absolutely love, the things that make that I spiral into depression that makes me vulnerable to monsters.  I'm here for just long enough to accomplish the things I hope for and that's not even given so I have to focus on making every day, every single interaction something wonderful.  I've been doing that a lot more lately or trying at least.

The dinner thing fell by the way side for a while.  Last night we resurrected it, the kids and I.  It was nothing great, certainly not happy mama food but it was good enough and we played two games of uno and then cleaned up together.  I am no longer uno champion of the universe.  I'll just leave it at that.  

As I type this Believer by Imagine Dragons just got uploaded to Napster.  I should totally work for them, I feel like my alt music game is pretty much on point.  

The thing about that song, the whole reason i'm posting about it is because it makes some very valid points and it lists them by the numbers and they apply to us all or have or will at some point: 

Firstly I'm fired up and tired of the way that things have been. 

Secondly don't tell my what you think I can be, I'm the one at the sail, I'm the master of my sea.  

Thirdly All the hate, turn it into a dove and send it up above--I love that.  

Lastly, the future is the blood in my veins.  The future is all up to me, it's already inside me. 

But the best message: Pain has made me a believer.  It broke me down and built me up.  My love, my luck, my God it came from pain.  

This is me seeing the beauty through the pain and every single day I wake up and do that is better than the day before. 

Amen, and thank you for Imagine Dragons.  



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Comments (5)

  1. Azalia

    Napster is still around?! I had no idea. Thought it got taken down ages ago?

    February 02, 2017
    1. juls

      It was rhapsody for ever, then like a few months ago Napster bought rhapsody. It’s not like the old Napster, it’s a subscription but it’s really great!

      February 02, 2017
      1. Azalia

        Ah. Cool. so its paid monthly?

        February 03, 2017
        1. juls

          It sure is, it’s 10 bucks a month, but super worth it bc every song ever made just about is right there when u want it

          February 03, 2017
          1. Azalia

            Most of my cash flow is wrapped up in other things at the moment, but I’ll consider it when I can for sure!

            February 03, 2017