Day 1 of 30. I deserve to be fulfilled and the candle reminds me.

So today is step one of my thirty day challenge.  


In the next thirty days I am going to figure out how to get unstuck from where I am, figure out what I want to do that makes me passionate and gives me more freedom.  


Sure, I've blogged like this before about this very subject.  I've put so much pressure on myself to figure this out that I've made myself sick.  I am going to forgive myself.  The thing is that I didn't acknowledge then all the things I had going on behind the scenes.  A disgusting, sick, narcissist undermining me and draining my energy.  Losing my mom.  Grieving that loss.  


Right now I am in a happy and healthy place.  I am happy and there has never been a better time for me to at least try to find something that will make me happier and help me to feel fulfilled for the first time in a very long time.  I've been there before which is why I'm unsettled being in an office of someone else's business--even if it is my dad's and I am set up to take over and they need me.    


I even have a hell of a daughter deserves to have a car.  I want to be able to buy her one and to afford to let her drive it.  That's two years from now folks.  I've got to get moving now if I'm going to get this new venture rocking. 


I'm great with almost all aspects of business.  Give me any idea and I'll run with it.  I love the paperwork, filings, marketing, brainstorming, setting up documents, balancing books, researching, and trying new things.  I mean literally I could take any idea and blow it up.   I just can't seem to get an idea to come to me.  I can think of ideas for other people.  I can blow their stuff up but for myself there is like this block and I can't seem to get past it.  So I've called in the calvary for help. 


My calvary is called Intention Inspired.  If you've never checked it out, you should!  It's this great website where you state your intention and they send you reminder emails and great ideas on how to get unstuck for thirty days. 


There are going to be thirty of these posts.  


The first step for me is to hone what it is I am trying to do down to something I can say and remind myself easily.  


For me that's going to be:  I deserve to be fulfilled in my career. 


For me fulfilled means that I am excited and good at what I do.  That I make enough money to be able to buy my daughter a car and to take my kids on vacation.   To buy a house that isn't a raving nightmare.  To trade in my own car and be able to afford to get another that I like.  


I want, need and deserve these things.  


I can do this.  I deserve to be fulfilled in my career. 


So today i'm focusing on just that.  


I have a candle in my office that is going to be my reminder.  Each day for the next thirty days I'm going to light it and while it's lit for an hour or so I'm going to focus on what it's going to take to become fulfilled in my career--I'll call it my lunch break.  





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