Humming the jeopardy song while patiently waiting...



Amen honey.  


I completely got into the zone on the names, I just shut my eyes and typed. 


Lots of odd things came out.  Some bad, some good, some down right bizarre but in the end my list of 20 is complete. 


I am just about to find the Secretary of State's email address and ship them off on their way. 


So this is kind of like a time warp here because I just sent the email off and I'm fighting the urge to pace and shake my hands while chanting omg, omg, omg.  Now the waiting game begins.  2-3 days at least and we are heading into a long weekend so possibly longer.  I'm a terrible waiter.


The names were all over the map.  Really a stretch as far as some of them go but also some surprises.


An old company name I had ages ago just became available as a .com again.  I loved that little business.  Gorgeous Gatherings.  I made and sold children's clothing--mainly at craft fairs.  Very micro but a good and positive experience. 


I don't really think it fits this venture but I still love it.  When I think about it I picture a well dressed farm table with linen covered chairs and an amazing dinner party. 


So at least today I'm on track.  I came up with 20 names.  I emailed those names to the Secretary of State.  Boom.

So here are the steps going forward in order :

1.  Wait for the Secretary of State to email me back with name availability, brainstorm marketing.

2.  Choose one of those names, brainstorm marketing

3.  Fill out filing paperwork and send in, brainstorm marketing

4  Create bylaws, brainstorm marketing

5.  Create logo, design signs, order lockboxes, brainstorm marketing.

6.  Once filing comes back, get EIN and DBA from the county courthouse, brainstorm marketing.

7.  Find a bank and sign up for a business account, brainstorm marketing.

8.  Tighten up property management contract.

9.  Create brochure, order

10.  Create bullet points on why a client should choose to work with my company.  What is the edge?


**All along the way I need to be thinking about how I'm going to market this.  I need to start a marketing blog post I can add to. 


I'm feeling pretty good about today.  Heading into a long holiday weekend and I couldn't be more thrilled for an extra day off to contemplate things.  








The next step is to wait for the response telling me which names are available.  Then to choose one of those names.  Then to fill out the filing paperwork and mail it in.  Then wait for it to be sent back.  Then the DBA, EIN and bank account.  Then signs, business cards,


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Comments (4)

  1. juls

    Since I can’t edit please disregard the last blurb. It transformed from a paragraph to a list and was meant to be deleted. Wonder if I’ll ever be able to edit again?

    May 25, 2017
  2. juls

    OMG, OMG, OMG. I just received the answer back from the Secretary of State on the names. Like not even an hour later. Yet another great sign. Now to just work up the nerve to see if my favorites are available. Fingers crossed. I haven’t gotten this far since before the divorce and my mom died? Maybe Juls is unstuck or at least unsticking? xoxo

    May 25, 2017
  3. superwomanrocks

    You’re doing good .. and it only gets better from here

    June 08, 2017
  4. RRoe

    Good luck on your new business … all what your doing my mail can be done on line, I assume you know. Is staying busy and working hard just the way that you avoid bad feelings? Forgive me if that sounds judgemental, it was not meant to be.

    June 08, 2017