Just a short, sweet, baby step


So it's day one of the realization and still things are happening that are showing me that this is the right decision.  Not jarring scary things, happy yet semipressured and persistent things.  


This is what I was made to do.  


Baby steps.  No freaking out.  


My first step is to find a name.  I need a good corporation name.  By tomorrow I will have a list of 20 to email to the secretary of state.  That is the first step here in the state of texas.  


Simple and such a baby step.  I got this.  20 names.   I'm on it. 





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Comments (3)

  1. superwomanrocks

    Good luck juls , for your new venture ! Its already taking shape with the baby steps …
    also I think thoughts isn’t notifying you with private messages .. I sent you one some time ago … or maybe I’m just annoying .. haha !

    May 25, 2017
    1. juls

      Hellllllo thanks for the positive thoughts friend! I have never been able to check messages on thoughts!! It shows 14 messages but won’t do anything when I click on them. I love this site so much—the best people ever are here but I can hardly edit my posts anymore either. Glitchy, glitchy, glitchy. Hope you’re well and that message wasn’t urgent …I’m sorry I didn’t get it

      May 25, 2017
  2. superwomanrocks

    I know … I don’t even see the reply option here ..
    never mind …
    the message was about that push pull situation … that guy commented on my post .. I messaged you asking what to do .. but I already replied now .. and then he messaged again while I was busy and I replied yesterday .. but by now he’s probably forgotten about it .. I don’t know .. I’m busy with my life at present …
    And good luck with your business .. do tell me all about it as it happens ..

    May 26, 2017