Lightning finally strikes.

So now it seems that I've gotten things figured out.  


Day 8 of my Intention Inspired 30 day challenge to figure out what it is that I'm passionate and excited to do that I can turn into a lucrative career....and I know I've found the answer.  


The answer you ask? 


It is what it always was.  Property Management. 


I've already done it before.  I owned a property management company in  Austin for years and years.  It didn't end well because of the divorce and my mom's illness and I just crumbled under the weight of it.  


My life is completely different right now.  I am not going through a divorce, I am not going through my mom's illness, my life is starting to get borderline boring and very settled.  I'm in a happy, stable relationship and I want things, for my kids, for my family, for myself.  


Right now it's perfect for me.    


Here's what I've got going for me, what makes right now a good time.  


The hardest time for any new business is typically the beginning.  Overhead costs are dream killers.


When I started up last time, I had nothing.  I had to go buy a computer, printer, office furniture, paint the disgusting little apartment I was using as an apartment, buy signage and frames and lock boxes and on and on and on.  Now that I've done it I know where I wasted my money and where I didn't.  

As far as's where I have such an advantage this time.   


My dad owns a commercial building.  He's more than semi retired and I'm running his insurance agency.  I can certainly use the space to springboard.  The office I sit in right now has a door to the outside that isn't the front or back door.  It would be perfect as an office space for the property management.  It would actually be extremely beneficial for his business as well.   He's told me many times before to put a sign up, there's even a spot on the pole outside.  


So after all the fussing, years and years and years of my worrying and freaking out.  There the idea is.  It's the perfect mix of new and old.  I've already done it before on my very own.  I can certainly do it again on my own.  It's real estate, it can encompass commercial leasing--which I love and residential leasing--which is lucrative and readily available. 


That's all that was really holding me up.  Defining what it is that I want.  Done.


So the 30 day challenge, worked and it didn't.  It worked in that it took my mind off of the issue that I was focusing way to hard on.  It didn't work in that it techically wasn't the challenge that came up with nor technically prompted the decision. It worked in that it provoked some soul searching as to what it was inside me that was holding up the process.  I put those down in black and white and then poked all kinds of holes in them.  So I'll give the challenge some credit for provoking change.  


Ironically, it was actually talking to my ex-husband.  


I think he's so insistent I do it because he saw it work for me firsthand before.  He saw me go from destitute to making awesome money pretty quick and honey let me tell you I can not wait for that to happen again. 


I'm even starting to get excited about the contracts and stuff again.  Lol.  Silliness.  


I think that the next hurdle for me to overcome is the financial commitment.   


See I'm a single mom and I've been stuck in the single mom mindset for so long.  I can't indefinitely sustain a business venture where I never make any money but I was in a far worse position the first time.  Far worse.  

There are recurring monthly expenses and those are a part of doing business.  This is not one of the things you can just acquire and keep to yourself because every month you don't do anything with it, you pay out.  I will need to figure out a way to market to people looking for property managers.  I will need to get a timeline together so that I actually have a pipeline so that I'm not sitting indefinitely without income.  


This is the fun part asked and you got exactly what you want!


Also, btw...the vision board thing above is so cool.  I created one with pics off of pinterest and then printed a few to have on my desk.  I doodle on them, daydream about them and not for one second have I been able to stop thinking about getting this done.  Even when I feel sick.  





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  1. dreamshadow59

    I wish you much luck my friend….

    May 25, 2017